Freecell Card Game

FreeCell is a variation of Solitaire in which players are tasked with organizing cards into numerical order and suits. Options for FreeCell such as timed games and other versions are available.

If you've grown tired of regular Solitaire, FreeCell is a great option for players looking to try something a little different. 123 FreeCell lets you play the game online at your leisure and can quickly grow addictive, forcing you to pry yourself from the computer to end the game.

FreeCell starts with all cards dealt face up in eight rows. Four rows contain seven cards, whereas the other four rows contain six. Like Solitaire, four spaces for cards put in ascending order are available in the upper righthand corner. What makes FreeCell different is that four additional spaces are given that players can put any card in. This makes FreeCell somewhat easier than Solitaire, and very few hands dealt are unsolvable, though players may get stuck on occasion.

The usual moves of Solitaire still apply when it comes to stacking cards in the playing field. Cards must be put in descending order with alternating colors. For example, if you have a King of Spades, you can place either a Queen of Hearts or Queen of Diamonds on top of it because of the difference in color. The four ascending card spaces on the top let you stack cards up to get them out of the way, but players should beware of stacking too many too soon. Some cards are necessary to move others around, and if you've piled several other cards on top of the one you need, it can be difficult to get it back.

123 FreeCell includes other versions of FreeCell such as Eight Off (players have eight freecells), Baker's Game, Double FreeCell (which uses two decks), and other options for number of FreeCell spaces. The graphics for gameplay are simple and unobtrusive, much like the game itself. The game sports a peculiar silence that may be off-putting to some, but the laid back gameplay doesn't require much for entertainment.

Those looking for a challenge will find the gameplay utterly boring. FreeCell isn't meant to be a game of complex strategy, and it's even easier than Solitaire. However, it's a good time killer that will keep you occupied until your flight arrives or it's time to go back from lunch break. FreeCell is a good starting point for anyone looking to learn how to play Solitaire without too much difficulty.